Monday, September 14, 2015

Die Welt Kompakt Feature + Pop Up Exhibition

Lots happening! I am excited to present a selection of works at the Pop Up Fashion Berlin Autumn Edition opening tomorrow night for Berlin Art Week, event details here.

And tomorrow I will have a double colour centrefold in Die Welt Kompakt. 

"Die hängenden Skulpturen der australischen Künstlerin Elizabeth Delfs lassen den Betrachter jede Orientierung verlieren. Vor einem schwarzen Hintergrund rotieren sie langsam. Sie scheinen sich der Schwerkraft zu widersetzen, zu schweben wie Quallen im Wasser. Morgen in WELT KOMPAKT"

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The general public is invited to the opening of the next edition of Popup Fashion Berlin #AUGUSTEDITION opening this Sunday from 8pm. I am pleased to present several works. See the event details here.

Monday, July 27, 2015


I was pleased to present a small installation at the Zalando Fashion House curated by Not Just A Label during Berlin Fashion Week SS16. During the four days of Berlin Fashion the Kaufhaus Jandorf was turned into a hub of contemporary fashion and design, hosting a series of talks and events. A highlight of the Berlin Fashion Week schedule, I was thrilled to have my working included. Read more about the event here.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Recently Seen: Manish Arora, Paris Fashion Week 2013

I managed to get a ticket to the Manish Arora SS 2014 show at the Palais de Tokyo for Paris Fashion Week last week - first time at PFW - and the collection was spectacular! Such amazing combinations of pattern, colour, embellishment and styling.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Workshop - British Higher School of Art and Design, Russia

I am excited to be teaching at a workshop at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow at the end of the month! The school is one of the most important centres in Russia and works in close partnership with the school of Creative Arts of the University of Hertforshire in the UK and specializes in professional education in various creatives fields.

I will be presenting a lecture about Wearable Art Technologies: Between Art, Fashion and Architecture, and a lecture called New Vision of Fashion Exposure: Off the Catwalk to Exhibition and Interdisciplinary Collaborations, as well as leading a practical workshop. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pecha Kucha Amsterdam #25

I recently made a short trip to Amsterdam and had the opportunity to speak at Pecha Kucha. I really like the PK format and have spoken at a few of them, and I think in way they take the temperature of the creative scene of the cities in which they are run. PK Amsterdam is run by duo Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer behind the creative agency Goldstromen. Appearing to be some kind of design master minds, they also run this fantastic blog called Pop-Up City which documents ideas that “shape the future city”, manifested as a diverse profiling of international trends in technology, street culture, architecture, design, sustainability and all sorts of high-brow lo-fi DIY interventionism. It’s really great and worth subscribing to!

PK Amsterdam is held in the location Trouw which was previously a newspaper factory, now containing a restaurant and multi-purpose venue club space. The reconverted building retains its original industrial aesthetic (read vast slabs of concrete) and the club features a multi-coloured neon light configuration which anchors the echoing of the various different indirect and ambient lighting scattered throughout the complex. All in all it made a very comfortable venue to watch the speakers and hang out before and after for the large crowd of almost 400 who turned up to see the presentations.

The presenters mostly came from Amsterdam except myself and one other artist from Rotterdam and below are some of the speakers whose work and projects I found particularly interesting, but you can find the full list of speakers from the night at the PK Amsterdam website. I really enjoyed the diversity of the presenters, which included artists, graphic designers, a bike called Arnold, a high school teacher who writes a blog of the things his students say to him, and a guy who played the Jewish Harp, which sounds like the love child of the didgeridoo and harmonica. It was pretty cool. 

Artist from Rotterdam Daan Den Houter

Hik Onwerpers 
Arnold the bike who told us about his international travel.

Rick Companje from Doodle3D who had created a tablet to produce 3D printing which kind of looks like an Etcher Sketch but then converts the 2D drawing into 3D and then can immediately be printed as a 3D object, really great!

During my stay I also checked out the Droog Hotel and independent project space called Amstel 41 to see exhibition EVERYTHING SEEMS TO HAPPEN TO ME, ONE CATASTROPHE AFTER THE OTHER by Swedish collaborators Emilia Bergmark and Loui Kuhlau, as well as so many flowers! 

Next stop - Moscow, Russia to teach a workshop at the British Higher College of Art and Design at the end of the month.