Saturday, October 8, 2011

KUNST (SHOT) – S.K. Robinson, Kreuzberg

Went to the opening the other night of a new art project – KUNST (SHOT) organized by curator Stefania Angelini and Clemence De La Tour Du Pin (great name huh!). The event was the first of a monthly series of one night only art events showing the work of emerging international artists. The inaugural exhibition consisted of artists Benjamin Laurent Aman, Buno Ollee, Filippos Kavakas, Angela Liosi, Stefan Riebel, Hugo Des Gayets, Bill Patrick and Clemence De La Tour Du Pin and included sculpture, installation, print, video and sound performance. The venue, S.K. Robinson is usually a club, but the floor to ceiling concrete and lighting rig lends itself perfectly to an exhibition space, and the show was well executed with the selection of work befitting the industrially chic interior. I particularly enjoyed the neo-mystic sculptures by Filippos Kavakas. It was a pretty sexy show and a fun night. Looking forward to the next one......

 Above: Filippos Kavakas

  Above: Filippos Kavakas

 Above: Benjamin Laurent Aman

Saturday, October 1, 2011

L'Atelier - Kunst(Spiel)Raum, Kreuzberg

Another opening - this time at L'Atelier - Kunst(Spiel)Raum – rough translation to The Studio – Art (Play) Room in Kreuzberg of a solo show by Spanish artist Bruno Olle

L’Atelier describes itself as an artist run initiative run by Italian curator Stefania Angelini, and shows the work of emerging international artists. It’s a pretty schmick space – after going to many grungy stinky graffiti riddled art spaces full of hipsters and pretenders where the art is secondary to the scene (which of course has its place and can be fun), it is nice to finally see a professional space showing some good work by emerging artists. The exhibition consisted of an immersive installation - a sea of plastic rubbish bags in the lower half of the gallery with which the audience interacts, a video work, and a series of pencil drawings displayed on make shift shelving intersecting the gallery in an obtrusive maze like fashion.

The thing I am finding most interesting about art spaces in Berlin is the variety of models that exists, unlike in Australia which seems fairly….homogenized – in a way that is understandable, accessible and professional – in Berlin there are so many models in operation. For example despite that fact L'Atelier operates as an ARI – it doesn’t have open access in that it calls for applications for proposals from artists; it’s programmed by a curator. Angelini will also be curating a series of one night events of art called Kunst(SHOT) – the first of which is happening this week….