Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have been working with photographer Katherine York to mount her first solo show in Berlin! A one night only event open to the public will be held at a pop-up gallery space in a private location in Prenzlauer Berg. Save the date for the opening!

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 22, 2012 from 7 – 10 pm 
Exhibition period: March 22 – 25, 2012, appt only 
WINS Gallery, Wins Strasse 62, Prenzl'berg 

KATHERINE YORK will present a photographic series of her hometown Detroit, Michigan in her first solo show - DEVIL’S NIGHT, THE MORNING AFTER. Devils Night is the informal title given to October 30th, the night before Halloween, now remembered by the vandalism and arson seen in Detroit from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Devils Night dates from as early as the 1940's, where youths would engage in a night of criminal behavior, usually of acts of almost exclusively petty vandalism. However, in the early 1970s, the vandalism escalated to arson as political turmoil, job losses, rioting and an increase in violence, causing a mass population exodus. In the past 50 years the population has halved. Property owners, unable to sell in the city's rapidly declining housing market would use Devils Night as an opportunity to burn down their homes, collect the insurance money, and claim that an arsonist was at fault. From the 70s until the mid 90s arson and vandalism became more prolific in Detroit's inner-city every year.
The destruction reached a peak in the mid 80s, with between 500 and 800 fires being lit in the three days before Halloween.

During the summer and winter of 2010/2011, York spent time photographing the burnt and abandoned houses in the disappearing suburbs of Detroit. The series documents a city in decay and the ruin of its human inhabitants with traces of the people who still live in the area.

KATHERINEYORK (b. 1976, Detroit) a self-taught photographer based in Berlin, York

was first introduced to the medium by her grandfather. Leaving Detroit at 19 to
California, York worked primarily in architecture and design. York’s childhood in Detroit, juxtaposed with her early passion for architecture, is evident through the sprawling desolate city, suburban and industrial landscapes of her photography. Fascinated by neglect, post industrial and post communist landscapes, York documents the transition of social spaces after the fall of a dictatorship, thriving industry or over developed past. In doing so, she questions: how these transitions have failed or succeeded, what blossoms in these exhausted landscapes and how the spaces become reconfigured or imagined. York’s images often leave the audience with a sensation of viewing a site where an event has occurred, but what remains is unsettling unknown.

The exhibition will be a one night only event open to the public at a pop-up gallery space in Winsstrasse, Prenzlauer Berg, after which it will be open by appointment only until March 25.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

BERLIN ART LINK - First Year Anniversary Party at Babettes

I have started working with an arts consultancy business called BERLIN ART LINK (BAL) and last night was their first year anniversary party hosted at art industry bar Babettes. BAL was founded by Monica Salazar and Anna Russ and describes itself as “The city's go-to platform for viewing the best of emerging contemporary art in Berlin and abroad”. Australian video artist Devon Elise Atkins produced an original video installation utilizing the unique glass architecture of Babette and Andy No Andy from Theives Like Us DJ’d. It was a great night!

BERLIN ART LINK is a Berlin-based online platform for contemporary art which highlights the best of the contemporary art scene in Berlin and abroad. With a focus on documented studio visits, the site also includes insightful interviews, articles, selected weekly event listings and a blog. Updated daily by a distinguished international roster of photographers, artists, critics, curators, BERLIN ART LINK diligently extracts and presents the most exciting facets of the city’s dynamic art scene. With an expansive network throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East and extensive knowledge of these regional art markets, BERLIN ART LINK realizes art events, projects and media content through connecting individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations with a network of international art professionals and creative resources

Thursday, February 9, 2012

ART CONNECT BERLIN Networking Breakfast

This morning I went to a networking breakfast organized by ART CONNECT BERLIN hosted at the NODE Centre for Curatorial Studies in Kreuzberg. As the title suggests, you eat breakfast whilst chatting and meeting new people, after which time there is a presentation by artists, curators, writers or whoever wants to share information about their creative practice or upcoming project. The presenters today were Australian curator George Ironside whom spoke about her experience in curating and working within street art in Berlin and Melbourne, including the development of her artist agency IronartTOURS The second presenter was Finnish artist Saana Inari who showed a video work and spoke about some upcoming projects. Saana’s work was particularly beautiful; she uses animals as a metaphor for transformation and combines animation with video and performance. Check out her work on her website

Und.....Berlin Schnee!