Thursday, December 29, 2011

CODA Studio / Foundation Housing Public Art / Preview

Over the past year I have been in the process of completing my first public art work in a team of 4 artists for a project by CODA Studio for the Housing Foundation through the Western Australian Percent for Art Scheme. The other three Western Australian artists involved are Jennie Nayton, Olga Cironis and Penny Bovell. Each artist was invited to choose a site in which to execute their work. The multi-purpose building will be composed of commercial business on the street level with housing on the upper levels.

My contribution has now, after many months (in fact over two years!) of planning finally installed and below are a few preview shots of the installation.  The work is made from perforated aluminum by the team at C-Tech Engineering in O’Connor WA.

For more information about the project please visit

Thanks to David Johnson of CODA Studio for the images of the work installed. I’ll post some professional documentation of the work once the building has been complete in early 2012. 

Digital rendering of the work

And finally it's up!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Australian House and Garden / Top 50 Rooms / Magazine Coverage

The October issue of Australian House & Garden featured an article which was a survey of the Top 50 Rooms of the best of interior design in private homes in 2011. Page 113 featured a room by interior designer Miriam Fanning of Mim Designs for a private residence in which a work of mine features. The sculpture is located in the entry of the east Melbourne residence - below is a scan of the article. If you would like a PFD of the article please email me at

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Design Installation - Mitte, Berlin

The last couple of weeks I worked on a design installation at a new Japanese restaurant in Mitte due to open in December. The installation consists of 15, 000 suspended chopsticks hanging from the ceiling creating a kinetic topography. The work is constructed by threading fishing line through a series of canvases (100cm x 100cm) on which a grid is created and the surface is pierced. Fishing line is secured on the back of the canvas with a bead. The canvas is then suspended with the surface parallel to the floor and the chopsticks are measured and tied, all by hand, creating a wave pattern that will be formed once all of the canvases have been suspended.

Below are some shots of the work in progress – I will post photos of the entire install once it has been completed. The work is by two American designers who are based in Berlin, I'll post more about them at a later date also!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Styling Project - Wasp Summer

 Recently I completed a styling project for Berlin based singer/song writer Sam Waring - aka Wasp Summer. Originally from Melbourne via Brisbane, Sam is working on a new album - her first solo record and the images are to be used for the album art work. We worked together developing a concept and I made a several props which included a staff and a head piece. We spent the day in a park just north of the Tiergarten on the shoot with German photographer Jan Bechberger

Below are some of the final images from the shoot, followed by a few photos of the production.


Production prep!

 Mucking about with the help... ;)

 Smallest unpaid intern......

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prefix Exhibition - Western Australia and Hyogo Exchange

I have a sculpture in an exhibition called Prefix organised by the Textiles Exchange Project ( in Perth, Western Australia. The exhibition brings together 40 artists from Perth and Hyogo in Japan whose practice engages with fibre textile materials and processes. The exhibition traveled to Japan in August this and was presented at the Hyogo Prefectural  Museum of Art Japan ( and is now currently on display at the Western Australian Museum - Perth until February 2012.  

Download a copy of the catalogue here:

The below images are from the installation at the Museum in Japan, courtesy of Anne Farren from the Textiles Exchange Project.

Below is the work I contributed to the exhibition.

Matrix Blossom I 2011
25 x 25 x 30cm
Powder coated aluminium, spray-paint
Photographer: Elizabeth Delfs

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Venice Biennale 2012

Last week I spent sometime in Venice checking out the Biennale, this year titled ILLUMInations. The Biennale is held at two main venues – the Arsenal and the Giardini, with a series of off site exhibitions at various locations throughout the islands. I saw just under half the Biennale – you would have to be a real die-hard to go to everything, and need a minimum of 5 days of art consuming from 10am to 6pm to see it all. As well as an unlimited budget – Venice is the most expensive city in Italy. But I recommend going at least once in your life, and I’d like to think that I would go back again for the next one, more prepared for what to expect and the time it takes, and with a better pair of walking shoes.

Art aside the city itself is amazing – as people say, it is like stepping into a dream, one in which it is very easy to get lost - literally. With over 400 canals, 150 bridges, and 117 islands (thanks Lonely Planet) and often unmarked streets, it’s impossible not to get disorientated… finding the off site exhibitions was fun (read time consuming), but a good way to become immersed in the streets of Venice. The population of Venice is only 269, 000 but it gets 20 million tourists a year! So whilst the city retains its gothic authenticity and other worldly labyrinth of canals, by day, the streets are a full of tourists (including me), and it can get a little frustrating getting around. However at night the streets are almost completely deserted, with small pockets of activity tucked away and roaming around the eerily quiet streets was by far what I enjoyed the most, to really see the beauty of the architecture and a built environment like I have never experienced without having to look through crowds of people.

So below are a bunch of photos from the Biennale. Like most art experiences of this size there was some arresting work and some not so interesting, but overall it's an impressive and exciting international art experience. Highlights for me of the offsite exhibitions were Days of Yi by Yi Zhou and Scottish artist Karla Black's exhibition curated by The Fruitmarket Gallery; Arsenal and Giardini highlights include Cindy Sherman, Pipilotti Rist, Urs Fischer, Norma Jean, Haroon Mirza, Nicholas Hlobo and Nathaniel Mellors... to name just a few.

The view from our room!

When I think of Venice, the first thing I think of is - MARATHON!

Venice by night - amazing

Above: Offsite exhibition - Lithuanian Pavilion 

Above: South African artist Nicholas Hlobo

Above: Exterior view

Above: Interior view

Above: Urs Fischer

Above: Pavilion of Chile

Outside the Arsenal

Above: Days of Yi by Yi Zhou - stunning video works

Above: Karla Black
Magical Venice at night!
More canals

In the Spanish Pavillion, there were signs saying "Do not step onto the art work!"... but feel free to set up a desk with a laptop workstation...... on the art work.

Above: Entrance to the Giardini

Above: Cindy Sherman

Above: Norma Jean - plastacine violence! This installation made me feel so uncomfortable

Above and below: The Greece Pavilion

No it's not chocolate.....

Below video: Haroon Mirza

Below video: Nathaniel Mellors

Below videos: Pipilotti Rist