Sunday, November 27, 2011

Styling Project - Wasp Summer

 Recently I completed a styling project for Berlin based singer/song writer Sam Waring - aka Wasp Summer. Originally from Melbourne via Brisbane, Sam is working on a new album - her first solo record and the images are to be used for the album art work. We worked together developing a concept and I made a several props which included a staff and a head piece. We spent the day in a park just north of the Tiergarten on the shoot with German photographer Jan Bechberger

Below are some of the final images from the shoot, followed by a few photos of the production.


Production prep!

 Mucking about with the help... ;)

 Smallest unpaid intern......


  1. Mucking about with the help... fnarf! Always helps having some topless men around. Fun day and lovely pics. x

  2. Doesn't it? I actually have a clause in my contracts about this exact thing - and if your not wearing a shirt, you got to lose the pants! x