Thursday, February 9, 2012

ART CONNECT BERLIN Networking Breakfast

This morning I went to a networking breakfast organized by ART CONNECT BERLIN hosted at the NODE Centre for Curatorial Studies in Kreuzberg. As the title suggests, you eat breakfast whilst chatting and meeting new people, after which time there is a presentation by artists, curators, writers or whoever wants to share information about their creative practice or upcoming project. The presenters today were Australian curator George Ironside whom spoke about her experience in curating and working within street art in Berlin and Melbourne, including the development of her artist agency IronartTOURS The second presenter was Finnish artist Saana Inari who showed a video work and spoke about some upcoming projects. Saana’s work was particularly beautiful; she uses animals as a metaphor for transformation and combines animation with video and performance. Check out her work on her website

Und.....Berlin Schnee!

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