Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Berlin Residency - European Creative City

I have recently arrived in Berlin to complete a 4 month self directed residency. I was the lucky recipient of a Go Anywhere Residency grant from wonderful folks at Artsource: The Artist's Foundation of WA in my hometown of Fremantle, Western Australia. Since arriving I have secured accommodation in Neukolln which is the eighth borough of Berlin and is characterised by having one of the highest percentage of immigrants in Berlin. I have also secured a fantastic studio at the artist collective European Creative City in Pankow. I have 40sqms of bliss as seen in the photo above! I think I am going to be very happy there! I am working on some projects that will come to fruition early next year in Australia and Taiwan. I am also completing a residency in Iceland in December, and will be preparing/working towards that also. I am hoping to keep a weekly update of the happenings of my studio and the surrounds. I hope you find it interesting! Love from Berlin.

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