Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recently Seen / Deutsches Architektur Zentrum / Art Connect Berlin / Hamburger Bahnhof

I went the recent opening at DAZ – the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum for a show called Structural Studies, a collaboration between duo June 14, Toshihiko Mitsuya and Alex Schweder La. An interesting group of artists/architects with admirable practices individually, however the outcome of this project seems a little underwhelming. Using aluminum sheeting common to Toshihiko Mitsuya’s practice, the group created a large scale series of objects treating the materials with folding processes, weaving, etc exploring the possibilities of form, volume, space and egress. The combination of material and the treatment that the group employed lost some of the delicacy that Mitsuya achieves when working with the same material in a smaller scale, leaving some of the intentions for the objects unclear. However the contribution by artist/architect Schweder La is yet to come – Schweder La will intervene with the installation – using mold in some way I think. I am going to a round table discussion next week with the curator and contributing artists to hopefully get a better insight into the project. However each artist is worth checking out individually.  

DAZ Installation

DAZ Installation 

I also went to the Networking Breakfast organized by and hosted at the head quarters of ArtConnect Berlin in Neukölln. Fashion and lifestyle photographer Christoph Neumann presented a snap shot of his past and current projects. Artstars Nadja Sayej also gave a talk which can be heard online here – about her work with Artstars, some info and tips about Berlin and an insight into her program. 

Christoph Neumann 
The always informative and entertaining Nadja Sayej

And I also managed to get to the opening of the latest show at the Hamburger Bahnhof of New York artist Anthony McCall, called Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture. This is the first time the artist has presented a solo show in a German museum.

Hamburger Bahnhof - with permanent light installation by Dan Flavin

Entering into the exhibition space one is completely immersed in darkness – with only the light from the installation permeating the space. Throughout the large hall (which was formerly a train station) are a series of projections on both the floor and walls drawing linear forms in electric white light. Slowly billowing from various sources are gentle plumes of dry ice being haphazardly directed by invisible fans. As the dry ice passes through the shaft of light being projected it creates an ephemeral and constantly evolving architecture which the audience can view from the exterior and interior. McCall has been developing this series since the 70’s which intersect drawing, film, animation and sculpture. 

From inside one of the projections

Wall projection 

Floor/vertical projection 

And below is a little video I took from the interior of the work. 

And in other news from Berlin.............................

Hubert Gustav is turning into a moody teenager and spending far too much time online ......

However...what's that in the distance Carolyn?

Spring! The horniest season of all! I've never seen so much blatant displays of affection in the streets of Berlin and Ubahn make out sessions. 

Oder Fruling! Cherry blossoms in Gorlitzer Park.

And tulips in the studio......

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