Saturday, September 10, 2011

Berlin Art Junction im GIZ-Haus Berlin

The other night I went to an exhibition opening for Berlin Art Junction – an organization whom promotes the work of young and emerging artists based in Berlin. BAJ places exhibitions at times in corporate contexts, and as such this exhibition was held in the offices of GIZ-Haus, Having exhibitions outside of gallery contexts are always a challenge. At times you face dealing with unsuitable interior design fit out, issues with lighting, pulling an audience to a location off the gallery circuit, which in my experience in Perth can be hit and miss, and working to create a meaningful exhibition that accommodates the ergonomics of how the space is used when it is not being a “gallery”. Having said that it’s a great way to expand audiences, and by placing work in a corporate context perhaps raising the possibility of sales, and overcoming all the challenges faced must give one a smug satisfaction.

Two works stood out for me – one by my darling friend Georgina Criddle (biased yes, but you would be to if you knew how much of a wonderful human being she is as well as a talented artist), and another work by Jennifer Oellerich. Criddle showed work from here Graffiti Tapestry project which was an outcome of a residency at the MEET Factory in Prague. The work by Oellerich was the most successfully integrated into the space as seen in the photos below. Check out more of her work here

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